Startups - Designed the organizational structure, and developed the national footprint for the acquisition, integration, and retention of the talent needed to scale a 135 million dollar privately funded Startup Company.
Strategic Planning - Developed the strategic business plan for a business services company, on-line retailer and a charter school.
Acquisition Integrations – Developed the integration and change management plan for a newly acquired service company.
Performance Management Program – Developed the performance management and appraisal system for various businesses, a school district and a charter school.
Compensation and Rewards- Developed a company wide compensation and incentive plan system for a software development, database marketing, manufacturing, telecommunication, and colocation company.  In the public sector, updated a school district compensation and performance based compensation systems.
Sales Compensation Plans- Designed the sales incentive plan supported by a performance measurement system for a number of software and technology companies.
Technology Evaluation and Selection– Evaluated and selected a variety of hardware, software, IT support and security outsourced business technology solutions.  Evaluation and installation of a number of integrated web-enabled payroll, time and attendance and human resources information system.
Benefit Plan Design and Negotiations- Benefits strategies, plan design, cost and plan comparisons, procurement, open enrollment and administration for multiple employers totaling over 3,000 employees and a school district with over 14,000 employees.